Month 1: Nappify, damn you!

Contrary to what you may have observed in person, my hair isn't as nappy as we all may have thought. It's more curly than anything, and because I was conditioning and combing it out regularly when I had the fro, plus pulling it back into an afro puff, it's kind of straight/curly, especially in the front around the edges. Anyways, because of the texture of my hair, it might take a little longer than expected for it to fully dread rolleyes But at least it's growing fast! In the month or so since my last appointment with Amanda, my hair's grown about an inch and a half.

Well, I saw Miss Amanda again yesterday to get my roots retwisted, and as always, she hooked a sista up. Although, to be honest with y'all, I'm kind of digging how my hair looks a couple days after a professional retwisting, when it's had time to fluff out and frizz up some. PERFECTION.

Here are some before and after pics.

Mophead game proper. As you can see, my little coils are still holding up, but there's no definition at the roots because of all the new growth. Might look dusty as a mug, but that's just the flash, I swear.

Here's a close-up of the ends. Them curling up like that was annoying me! Straight up, I felt like Medusa. Amanda said because of my hair texture and the short length of time I've had them in, the dreads are prone to do that. As they grow and gain some weight, they should hang down more instead of going whichever way they please.

Full frontal shot. Looking kinda rough up front, but I can roll with it. Is this what they call a dread-fro?

On the way back from the salon

The morning after. They kept up pretty well through the night. Sleeping in a satin bonnet looks silly, but works wonders smile Keeps the lint out, too.

Texture shot! I can see my scalp again. The dreads are still a little soft and wayward, but once they take, my hair should be strong as ropes biggrin
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