Month 4: The Official Beginning!

This is my hair post-washing, hence all the pins to help them NOT dry all wayward.

Exciting news! I think my hair has finally reached stage 2, or the "budding" part, of The 5 stages of Locs/Dreads (which I listed here in its entirety).

The "budding" stage is described as follows:
Sprouts and Buds — Sprouting or budding is that miraculous moment when the magic has begun. First, you shampoo your hair and notice that all of a sudden, the coils don't all wash out like they used to. You may notice that some of your coils have little knots of hair in them, about the size of a small pea. This knot is more or less the nucleus of each lock; the hairs in your coils have begun to intertwine and interlace. Individual coils may seem puffy and lose their tightly coiled shape; this is part of the process and shouldn't be disturbed. What is important here is to keep the original scalp partings, to allow the spinning process to become established for each individual lock. Don't redivide your budding locks, twist them to death, or get to patting them down, trying to make your hair look "nice," because you'll just end up with a badly packed, busted-out do.
Some of my locs up front are still in the coil stage (Stage 1). Even though they haven't officially started to dread yet, the basic coil structure is easily maintained by just wetting my hair (I've been using a little spray bottle in case my hair dries out somewhat while I'm twisting the rest of it) and twisting it with shea butter.

Say hello to my little friends

Then I pin all the roots down, and sometimes the middle or ends of a particular loc too, to help train the ends to stay down inside of every-which-way they please.

The front of my head hasn't dreaded nearly as well or as quickly as the back part of my head (which Amanda said was likely to happen), but I'm digging it. It reminds me of my fro in that, even though I have a completely different hairstyle now, it still has it's own "Lisa-ness" to it smile The ends of the locs up front tend to dry up kind of curly into an S-shape, like ribbons almost. My Grandma called it "very funky" the other day, LMAO.

And I'm noticing more length, yay! Once all sides of my head start to loc, I heard they'll grow like wildfire (no diss to my California peeps... hang in there y'all!). So until I get to that point, do any of you out there have any suggestions for styles for shorter to medium-length locs? Or pics of dope shorter loc styles? If so, please do share wink
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