Month 6: We're gettin there

So... I've been loc'd up for a half year. Time flies so fast! It seems like just yesterday I was making the hair appointment to get them started. Aww.

It's been fun and interesting getting to know my hair in its new state these past months. I've learned a lot about locs just browsing the web and reading other people's loc journeys, watching a lot of Youtube videos on loc hairstyles and haircare, and good ol' trial and error.

Actually there hasn't been much error... the locs themselves are pretty easy to maintain. But there was a time when they would not behave for sh*t. Actually, my hair is still kinda doing whatever it wants, but now that my dreads are longer and heavier there's less waywardness (yay!). Less, but definitely still some.

Having locs is like raising a kid, I guess: my locs and I are past the "Terrible Twos" stage and in childhood-preteen territory now.

Cool, it looks like a maze.

My babies are shoulder length smile

For the most part, my hair is staying down more instead of curling up and out like before. There's always those few dreads that refuse to participate though ::sigh::

The part inside the blue is interlocked. This is the ONE loc I've found where the interlocking is noticeable. It's so much thinner than the rest of the loc! evil

Does anyone know how and if I can fix this?

Anyways, other than that my dreadies are coming along nicely. Here's to another 6 months together my babies!


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