Month 8: Shake them dreads

Not too much to add on this month's update. I'm still gradually attaining length (my new motto is: "Boob-Length Locs by 2011") and following my regular hair care routine. I can pull my hair back into a half ponytail now, yay smile Actually I've been able to do that for a couple months. I can't wait til I can start doing full ponytails, buns, and other updos. Also, I wanna add some color eventually. I heard it's not good to start coloring your locs until they are at least a year old or so.

A little half ponytail action

Back view. I'm mad my hand looks fluorescent in this pic. Stupid flash evil
I'm gonna start experimenting with actual hairstyles now that my hair is more mature (lol @ my hair being "mature"). I'm thinking side swept semi-updo, yes?

Some hair issues I'm still dealing with @ the 8-month mark:
  • Linty locs. Only a few of the locs in the back of my head are regularly affected. Nothing a trusty ACV rinse can't help, though.
  • The fuzzies. Not as bad as it was in the beginning, but I'm not at the point where I can retwist only twice a month like some folks. OK, maybe I am at that point (after your hair takes, how often you retwist your locs is really a personal decision), but I can't let my hair COMPLETELY go.
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