Month 9: Solid... Solid as a rockrockrockrockrockrockrockrock

Soooo... my 9-month hair update coincides with my 400th blog post! Go me. Anyhoo, this past month I've realized some of my locs are getting firmer. When I squeeze 'em--particularly the locs in the back of my head--they feel more solid than they did a few months ago. This means the hair inside the loc has begun to intertwine and form the body of a true dreadlock. Hot.

However, the top part of my head is still catching up. This is almost every morning for me:

Since my hair is longer now, I've begun to experiment with styles a little. For Valentine's Day, I took the top part of my hair and twisted it to the side, pinning it down along the way. It looked really cute, if I say so myself wink

Something I've noticed is that the hair at the ends and the very top of my locs is staying together better than the middle parts, which still feels loose in some places. That situation makes for lots of budding, which you can really see in the loc second from the right:

Cool. I'm learning something new about my hair everyday smile
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