Month 10: Behold, a ponytail

It's been almost a year with my dreadies and I've finally ventured into ponytail territory smile I didn't try a full ponytail sooner because I thought my hair was still too short and thick to fit into one. But after weeks of washing and retwisting--plus two impending job interviews (wish me luck!!!) for which my infamous mophead simply would not do--the constant hair hanging in my face had to go. So I grabbed a rubberband and made that mess happen!

This is *awesome* and a total milestone for me. What the ponytail represents--for me at least--is my being able to achieve even more styling options with my locs. The great thing is, the rubberband doesn't pull or catch on my hair, so I can wear this style just like any other ponytail.


P.S. Happy 1st day of Spring! cool
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