Light skin/wavy hair do not a hottie make

I've never believed in the absolute truth of statistics. There are so many variables at play that could influence the results of a study, I just don't feel numbers alone give a full enough picture. So when I read of a recent study that concluded mixed race folks are more physically attractive than other folks, I didn't give it much thought. But thinking about it a little longer, I got pretty pissed. The conclusion of that study is something I've heard too many times before, and it always makes the person saying it look self-hating and racist. Now there's a "scientific study" for these idiots to stand by?!

There are beautiful and ugly people of all races and creeds, yes. We all know this. But I am so over people thinking mixed race folks are exempt from the ugly part of the equation. So here's a gathering of famously fugly lightskinneded muhfuggas I can think of off the top of my head (think of it as MY scientific study):

Tracee Ellis Ross

Rain Pryor

Leona Lewis

Malcolm Gladwell

Jon Gosselin


Justin Guarini from American Idol

Tiger Woods

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