Stupidfruitycrazy nails

I know I've been MIA around here; such is life ::Kanye shrug:: Anyhoo, I'm back with a vengeance... and cute ass nails:

Strawberry toenails! I did this look using ULTA's Capri Coral and green and black nail pens on my big toe. What a great look for summer too. I literally cannot stop looking at my toes.

Since I was so in lurve with the one Essie shade I got a month ago, I decided to buy another. I used Vanity Fairest as a base color, but although it's a pretty shade (and the shine is OMGAmazing... looks like I got a salon mani), I got bored with it. So I added some star decals and finished it off with a topcoat. Instant chic!

Some nail colors I'm feeling for summer are mint green (of course), deep coral, turquoise, and orange. What's on your nails?

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