500th Post!!! And it's a good one folks

"There is much that cannot be explained, but nothing that cannot happen."
~ Bruno Groening
A friend hipped me to this quote, from an international spiritual healer. It really resonated with me, seeing as how before the car accident, I thought it was pretty cool that ANYTHING--even the seemingly impossible--could occur at any moment. Nowadays, that thought inspires fear and anxiety.

Going back to my Chakra Khan post a couple days ago, I think this speaks to my need to build my Crown and Root Chakras, which govern spiritual connection and survival, safety and security, respectively. I need to trust that the divine has only my best interests in mind, and will only guide me toward its principles of love, peace and happiness.

I have love for my life, the ultimate gift from the divine.

The tests, procedures, various doctor's visits, bloodwork, etc. I have to endure aren't occurring in vain; they are to find the source of my injuries. Ultimately, these things are done for peace of mind.

Happiness comes to me in the form of my family, dear friends, and other loved ones, without whom this ordeal would be infinitely more difficult. Thank you all.

Namaste cool
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