Month 5: LENGTH!

It's my 5th month having locs, folks, and I'm starting to notice some length! My hair's a little less wayward than it was in the very beginning (though I'm still having problems keeping the roots tight rolleyes) and I notice that when I wash my hair now, more of the locs are staying together instead of unraveling.

When some of my locs in the back are pulled taut, there's noticeable "budding" of the hair. This means the style has begun to take! Woohoo.

Here's a full frontal shot. With all this crappy weather I've really been fighting the frizz. I retwisted my roots today and you can't even tell! (NGL though, I kinda like the "untamed roots" look.)

Sidenote: Please ignore my makeuplessness (seriously, I feel naked without mascara).

I can't wait till I can wear fantastical updos and pull my hair into a bun and stuff. The locs below are still my main source of hair inspiration smile

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