Hair Update: Almost 7 Months!

OK, I know I'm overdue for a hair update post... so here you go smile

It's been almost 7 months that I've had locs now. They're growing pretty quickly; started out neck-length, now they are slightly past my shoulders. They are heavier now, but I still wake up with my hair in every direction (a little water and some scarf or hat action fixes that).

Every 3 weeks or so, I interlock some of the dreads that still manage to fall apart after I wash my hair.*
Pinning my roots down... or else that mess will seriously unravel neutral

Some of the locs have taken, but others are still pretty loose and curly, so I'm still in the "teenage stage" of loc-ing. I'm following the same hair care routine, but will start incorporating some new products (namely conditioner... I haven't used that ish in months) since my locs are more mature now.

Another thing, after 5 years with a massive afro puff, I can wear hats again!


*I didn't think it would take this long for my hair to loc up. I thought since I had the fro already, growing locs would be instant and a breeze. I suppose it is a breeze, eventually. A lot of effort goes into loc-ing your hair at first; instead of letting my hair grow up and out like it has forever, I've had to train it to 1. hold the shape of a dreadlock (no free forming here, folks) and 2. get used to doing something its never done before: grow out with the intention of matting. It's certainly a journey! It's been really cool getting to know my hair in its new state, though. And I've learned a lot about loc-ing along the way, so yay smile
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