I racked up at Shecky's Girls Night Out

Here is but a sampling of all the products I received in my infamous Shecky's goodie bag. I say infamous because when I arrived yesterday, b*tches were wrapped around the block waiting to get in. After about 30 minutes in line and a couple of hours browsing the tables, I can attest to the fact that it is NOT THAT SERIOUS, other than the goodie bags and drinks, which were delicious.

I had never heard of Shecky's or Girls Night Out before this event, but I liken it to the free-for-all chaos that ensues when a store first opens its doors for a sale. Yeah, something like that. Back to the goodie bag though: that thing had to have weighed five pounds AT LEAST. It was nothing the complimentary drinks being served couldn't cure though. Not bad for $20 admission, eh?

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