My One Year Hairiversary!!!

Don't think I've forgotten to celebrate/memorialize my one year hairiversary (June 17), because I haven't! That's right folks, I've been loc'd up for a full year cool It seems like only yesterday I had little coils that barely reached the ends of my ears, and now my hair's past my shoulders. They grow up so fast, don't they?

This is me a couple weeks after I got locs:

And in December of last year, the 6-month mark:

And a year later, still going skrong:

I still want to dye the back part of my hair. I'm thinking either orange/red, purple, or hot pink. It'll be business in the front and a party in the back... a dye job mullet! And I'll still be employable because who looks at the back of your head? Anyways, I'm giving myself some more time to think about that and get my money up; most things I'm more than willing to do myself when it comes to my hair... a dye job isn't one of them.

In other hair news, I've finally found a solution to that pesky lint problem I had goin' on in the back. While I'm good at keeping my hair covered at night to keep lint out, some managed to still get enmeshed in there thanks to my favorite robe (a chenille job that pills like a mutha@#$%er). No amount of picking, plucking, or apple cider vinegar rinses would get rid of that mess, so I tried something I'd never done before: I colored in the linty parts with a black permanent marker. Amazing! I should have tried this earlier, for reals. It's like the lint was never there, and the ink stays in through washing as well*. Cheaper than a dye job too, for my money saving hunnies out there.

As for length, I'm happy with my shoulder length dreads. I don't know what I'm gonna do once it gets crazy long. Obviously I could cut my hair (or start wearing intricate updos), but with locs, I'm scurred the ends will be too straight and look all... like I cut it. When the time comes I guess I'll just hit up my loctician and see if she knows a way to cut my hair while still preserving the rounded tips.

Remember when I wrote about the 5 stages of loc growth? I can proudly attest to the fact that I've reached stage 4: Maturity. Stage 4 is described as follows:
Each individual lock is firmly meshed or tightly interwoven. Some loosely coiled hair textures may retain a small curl or coil at the end of the locks, but most will probably be closed at the ends. You will begin to see consistent growth because each lock has intertwined and contracted into a cylindrical shape. Think of each individual lock as a hair strand in itself. The new growth is contained in the loose hair at the base or root of each individual lock, and regular grooming encourages it to spin into an intertwined coil that will be integrated with the lock.
Awesome. Anyways, all of this is to say:

Happy 1st Birthday, Hair!

Mommy wuvs you.

P.S. Don't forget you can catch the rest of my hair updates from the past year by clicking on About Me (up top, underneath the header).

*I wouldn't recommend coloring your hair with markers as a replacement for dye if your hair isn't loc'd though. The reason this works so well for my hair is because the ink is absorbed by the lint, thus camoflaging it. Actual hair strands don't absorb ink like that permanently, and if you don't have locs, using a marker can be drying and damaging to your hair. FYI!
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