Check out my guest post on Makeup and Beauty Blog :-D

I've been waiting a few weeks for it to be posted, but it's finally here... I did a guest post over on Makeup and Beauty Blog on ways to stretch your beauty budget!

Check it out here.

Next to Temptalia, I check Makeup and Beauty Blog everyday for the latest news, reviews, and swatches of makeup and beauty products. In addition to the thorough and detailed reviews, Karen (who runs the site) has a great writing style; she keeps it light-hearted and fun--the way makeup should be--yet informative at the same time. Love.

Anyways, this frugal gal wants to know:

What are some ways you're saving your precious, hard-earned dollars these days?

It doesn't have to be makeup related either... I know a lot of folks could benefit from tips on making that $$$ s t r e t c h longer.

P.S. Thanks Karen!
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