SOTD: Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds

First off: Happy October, folks smile I know fall officially started late September, but recently the weather's begun to recognize its arrival as well. FINALLY, because it was a hot ass summer. I've been waiting a minute to bust my fave fall fashions (alliteration!) outta my closet. Leather! Silks! Satin! Tweed! I'm dying over here.

And of course, SEASONAL SNACKS: candy corn, pumpkin pie, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (oh yes), apple cider... I can't get enough of them. My inner fatty *rejoices* around this time of year.
"Haters gonna hate"

Anyways, on to the post at hand. Ah, Song of the Day. How I've missed you 'round these parts. I heard this joint last night on one of my very rare listens to the radio (why is it that they play the dope music on "off" times, like during lunch or late at night?). Jazmine Sullivan is a new-ish artist with an incredible voice. Of course, she doesn't get the mainstream love she deserves. Maybe this song will wake people up.

"10 Seconds" has a retro, 1960s sound to it and covers what seems to be a favorite topic for Jazmine: relationship probs. The chorus is soaring, and with Sullivan's powerful vocals, you're really transported to that moment where Jazmine tells her lover to get out by the count of ten... or else.

10 Seconds
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