Wack Ass Job

No offensies, but this cover looks like someone painted it with their ass. A werewolf man with one prominent man boob being straddled while holding a Sprite? And last time I checked, phoenixes weren't crazy looking naked women with wings for arms and dalmatian tails. TRY AGAIN.

The proposed title of this album is equally as terrible: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He shoulda stuck with Good Ass Job. Now I see why Walmart banned this hot mess.

As for the songs that have leaked from the album (Kanye releases a song a week in his G.O.O.D. Friday series), I take particular issue with the song "Lord Lord Lord" featuring him, Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon, & Charlie Wilson. Everything about this song is gravy--production, beats, most of the rhymes, featured artists, etc.--EXCEPT Mr. Alicia Keys. Wtf is Toucan Sam doing on the track? And why didn't they give him some less dope song to debut on? We as listeners are forced to sit through Swizz Beatz' lame bars just to get to Raekwon's verse. UNFAIR. Also, Swizz is completely outshone on this track; he's up against some heavy hitters, making his rhymes look even lamer in comparison. Fail.

In more WTF news, that "Runaway" film, which premiered yesterday in NYC, looks like it's gonna be quite esoteric (look it up) and terribly artsy-fartsy, so... good luck with that.


P.S. Kanye, I know I been going in kinda hard on ya lately, but I only make these things apparent because I care. Also, you make it TOO easy sometimes.
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