10 Thngs I H8 Abt Txtng

There are few things I dislike more in the world than text messaging. I recently paid an astronomical amount on my cell phone bill not only from the few texts I send, but the many I receive as well. Up until this month, I didn't have unlimited texting because I felt I could stay safely within the 1500 texts a month I was alotted and really didn't see a point in paying an additional $5 a month on top of an already high bill. Since more than a few folks are still totally *confusedface* as to how and why someone could be so vehemently against text messaging, I present to you my list:
  1. I'm now paying $20 a month for a service I don't even use often enough to justify that amount for unlimited texting. I'm basically paying to avoid overage charges
  2. Why can't you just pick up the phone and call? It's easier and faster to speak than to type out an entire convo
  3. Wtf happened to GChat, iChat, AIM, etc.?! That shizz is free.99 and serves the exact same purpose as a text
  4. Texting distracts too many drivers on the road
  5. A lot of walkers, too. I've seen more than one person narrowly avoid walking into a tree, street sign, or another person while engrossed in a text
  6. I love the advances in technology us regular peeps are able to enjoy, but really. It's draining to be constantly "connected" like that
  7. Which brings me to another point: if you can't reach me by text or calling, LEAVE A MESSAGE. That's what the voicemail is there for. If you don't leave a message and I don't recognize the number, I'm gonna assume it's not important and proceed with my day
  8. Texting is cool for short, quick messages or if it's inconvenient to talk at the moment, but you still need to relay/receive some crucial info. But if you're texting paragraphs upon paragraphs to me about some minor shizz or something we could TALK or EMAIL about, I'm gonna explode. Seriously evil
  9. Chain letter text messages: Just don't do it.
  10. Everything in moderation. I'm not totally against texting; I see where it's quite useful and convenient in many situations. But if that's your sole method of communication, 1. Grow up and 2. You can forget about getting a response back from me cuz Lisa don't play dat.
Capiche? Good.
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